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 You could follow the tips below in order to look thinner:

 Purchase a bra that fits well and throw away the ones that make your breasts look larger.

 Use dark colors that cover your troubled areas; this will make you look thinner.

 Dress you better areas in bright colors.

 Do not try to fit into clothes that you have outgrown; this will make you look fatter. The solution for this is to buy clothing one size larger.

 When your problem is mainly heavy hips, wear pants that are narrow in around the hips that get wider from the waist to your feet. This will balance your figure and make you look thinner.

 Draw attention to the focal points of your clothing and not to your weight.

 The faults in your figure disappear when attention is fixed on a pair of long earrings, a pretty scarf, an attractive pin or some kind of necklace.

 The best thing about this is that you can still wear the same accessories after you have lost weight. Of course you can. Good luck!


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