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 In obesity the meeting of the eyes which could start a conversation during which what is said has no bearing on how it is said could not appear and the sex sequence would be broken.

 This is the starting point for explaining what happens in obesity:

 Our body figure has a very important place in today's society whether we accept it or not.

 First of all, you look at him or her and then ask their name or who they are; however to reach the question there must first be a slight attraction and no rejection.

 What we mean to say is that the obese individual does not have much choice as to expressing and showing all of her or his hidden qualities those that go beyond the physical presence.

 In the minority of cases if such an attraction appears and allows for the sequence mentioned in the above paragraphs it does appear and completely unwinds.

 You may not believe this but exactly the same thing happens in anorexia and bulimia.

 In obese women's physiological presence, we find many alterations some of which also appear in anorexia and bulimia:

 Alterations could take place among estrogens and progesterone and sexuality could thereby lessen.

 This alterations among estrogen and progesterone causes a lack of ovulation.

 Therefore the menstrual cycle can also suffer alterations.

 The menstrual period can disappear or very long term periods could take place between cycles.

 Infertility may take place for different reasons one of which could be caused by excess fat in the ovaries and the growth of cysts in same (policystic ovaries).

 We also find many alterations in obese men's physiological presence.

 Since their spermatozoids present a larger amount of fat they could prevent fertility.

 From the physical point of view:

 Sexual intercourse in obesity may not be very satisfactory. The excess of body fat could prevent a complete and adequate sexual intercourse.

 In obese women it is important to bring up that the excess body fat does not allow an adequate exploration of the breasts and a small tumor could go unnoticed and it could grow dangerously larger.


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