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 In spite of the scientific advances regarding the role of the hormones and the prevention of diseases (such as Obesity), our sex prejudices have not gone through too many changes.

 Society is quite broad minded and informed but at the same time has become less versed than necessary on the subject of sex in order to harmoniously fit it into our lives.

 The definition of sex (sexus in latin) means divided or separated in two. Two individuals are required in practically in all of the living species. A female and the male are indispensable to create a new life.

 Hence sexuality is not necessary for the conservation of man but it is for the conservation of the species, inasmuch as we humans sexually reproduce ourselves.

 The sexual impulse is easily controlled, said control lies in the cerebral cortex.

 History has shown us that it is possible to live without sex activities and in fact said abstinence is looked upon as a virtue in certain religions.

 Sexuality has developed our seductive outlook, our flirting tactics and our cerebral physiology necessary for falling in love.

 Human beings have one thing in common, unawareness tendencies which are part of our genetic code and we are not conscious of these predispositions, yet they continue to motivate our actions.

 Our genetic material has not changed significantly and it is transmitted from generation to generation through time. Our body with all its organs and of course our brain is programmed within this genetic code.

 For this reason feelings and actions related to sex are evolutionary products elaborated during many milleniums which is manifested in us through attraction, desire, jealousy and competitiveness.

 This is the reason for which, behavior among humans is similar in matters related to sex in spite of the fact that great cultural differences exist.

 The sequence of sexuality is:

  • the look

  • the conversation

  • the contact

  • And the click (harmony).

 Man and women alike look for a possible partner for no more than two or three seconds. Nevertheless, this look does not go unnoticed as it activates the most primitive part of our brain causing either interest or rejection.

 The eyes are the organs where that romance is either initiated or lost because it is the look which causes stimulus.

 But what happens in obesity. The body of the obese individuals may not be attractive to the eye amongst a great part of the occidental population; therefore, the stimulus generated will meet with approval which is why it is very possible that the sequence of sexuality will become nil at that time.

 This is not the general thing, as it is a matter of tastes. There are definitely people of both sexes who search for a partner with similar physical looks.

 The same applies to the other extreme; that is with people who are too thin, so thin that they seem ready to break.


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