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 Obesity is one of the most frequent causes for complications in pregnancy.

 The mother is considered obese if at the beginning of her pregnancy her BMI is over 25 units.

 There are a number of factors that greatly influence weight gain during pregnancy.

The mother's weight at the beginning of her pregnancy

Genetic factors

Reduction in physical activity

Excessive calorie consumption during pregnancy

The weight of the product

The size of the placenta

The amount of amniotic liquid

The mother's liquid retention

 The obese woman has a greater predisposition to contract two very serious diseases.



 There are also other important problems such as:

 It is much more difficult to visualize the product through ultrasonography if there is excessive body fat

When there is excessive body fat it is much more difficult to practice a diagnostic amniocentesis.

Selecting an anesthesia technique is much more difficult to evaluate and follow the procedure.

The risk of complications rises.

It is much easier to cause infection.

Urinary infections are more frequent.

 It is a well known fact that the decision to provoke the birth in an obese woman depends on the factors mentioned in the above paragraphs.

 It should be mentioned that strict nutritional, caloric and vitaminic vigilance is very important during pregnancy inasmuch as inadequate vigilance will not only cause problems to the mother but the child as well.


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