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 Following are some tips for friendly navigation through this site.


 Due to the enormous amount of information presented, it is very important to take into consideration that one must be conscious of the fact that not everything can be assimilated in only one visit or just one day; therefore, we would advise that a reading and comprehension plan be devised with a dose of the information. Obesidad.Net is like a book, only better, because it is interactive.

 This plan could be recorded in a notebook where a visited page, the date and perhaps a comment of your own on the information read to be applied for your benefit; after all, health is not to be taken lightly therefore it is important to read every page.

 Inside this note pad you may register your Body Mass Index and other factors that might figure in the corresponding section, in order to keep track of trend.

 One of our objectives is to keep up-to-date information continuously, publishing new articles at least every month or before if something of recent knowledge arises.


 Each section appearing on the navigation bar at the left, contains several pages. It is important, if at all possible, that this section be read thoroughly page by page.


 The pages are structured in such manner that short motivation phrases appear on each page, which change according to the day of the month (at the right).

 At the end of each page there are somewhat lenghthier motivations or well known quotes which change randomly. If you have a favorite motivational phrase, you may send it to us to be included in our repertoire.


 We have a section for participation forums, guest book and surveys; You can participate actively.

 We have several surveys which help us to fill in visitors in order to better satisfy this site according to preferences and profiles. Said surveys may be found on the right and are completely anonymous; It is advisable to visit them every so often in order to detect the tendency of same just out of curiosity. Also if you find it interesting to include questions or a series of questions, you may submit them to us for our consideration.


 We have included a site map in order to check which pages refer to and to enable you to reach the information you are looking more quickly.


 By being in direct touch with our visitors via email, many of them have included us on their list of Outlook contacts or outlook express and due to this we have been victims of hundreds of involuntary virus attacks of all types (and maybe some intentional ones) in our different mailboxes, especially in the year 2001, to the extent that during more than 1 month, the capacity of our several email boxes was exceeded. These emails with virus have arrived from many places in the planet, which cause a lot of wasted work time while trying to solve this problem.

 In spite of this, we continue to furnish the solution to doubts via email. This problem has led us to publish the pages which we have named "computer health" and which supply advice on simple techniques to carry out in order to keep your computer working without problems or headaches. We suggest that you visit these pages every so often, as many virus appear on the internet daily.


 Remember that just like foods, the information must be digested slowly. Keep our web address in your favorites and plan your visits periodically.

 The purpose of this site is to help people to improve their quality of life emphasizing the correct nutrition and prevention of overweight and obesity; by visiting us periodically you can help us to maintain it and make it grow, thereby helping many people.

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