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Agreement of Terms and Conditions of Use

OBESIDAD.NET is an informative web site that offers you information related to the health, it is subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

OBESIDAD.NET reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time, and these modifications will be effective immediately when publishing the modified document. When acceding to this site, you accept to review this agreement periodically to be aware of the modifications, and acceding to this site of OBESIDAD.NET constitutes your acceptance in the agreement as it appears at the moment of your access.

This information does not try to replace the advice of a professional of the health. For any question that you may have with respect to a medical condition or plan of treatment, always looks for the advice of your doctor or another professional of the field of health. When acceding or using the site of OBESIDAD.NET, you are subject to the "Agreement of Terms of Service and Conditions of Use ".

The only intention of this site is to offer information of health for public benefit; this site does not try to replace in any way the advice of your doctor, to give medical advice, to make diagnoses or to provide treatments. Always look for the advice of your doctor or another medical professional for any question related to a medical condition, and before initiating a new therapy, diet, or program of exercise.


If you accept all the terms in this agreement, press the button accept the terms in the agreement of terms of service and conditions of use, located at the end of this agreement. When using this service after pressing the button, you are in agreement with the terms of the same one.

If you do not accept this agreement, please press the button of nonacceptance of the terms in the agreement of terms of service and conditions of use, located at the end of this document and do not use this site.

You must have 18 years of age to use this site.

If you do not have 18 years of age, do not enter this site, or your father or tutor must accept in your name the terms in this agreement. OBESIDAD.NET recommends that children visit this site only WITH the company of their father or legal tutor, or WITH the specific permission of their father or legal tutor.

Part of the information that appears in this site deals with the subject sex or the sexuality and can be unsuitable for the minor children.

OBESIDAD.NET can limit the access to certain information to the users of a specified age or can require the consent of parents or legal tutor to review certain information.

You agree in accepting and fulfilling any restriction and accept not to help anybody to violate these restrictions.

The use of this site is under your own risk. The relation between you and OBESIDAD.NET is not a relation doctor-patient.

This site contains information, data, advice, text and others ("Contents "), compiled of a variety of sources ("Suppliers of Information "). This Content is provided for your convenience and only tries to inform to the consumer on subjects of the care of his health.


OBESIDAD.NET does not recommend you to diagnose or treat yourself problems of health. The Content is not exhaustive and it does not cover all the diseases, ailments, physical conditions or their treatment. The contents does not have to be considered complete or updated. You must never underestimate your health nor the medical advice or delay in looking for it due to something that you have read here.

The contents related to dietetic supplements has not been evaluated by the Department of Foods and Medicines of the United States of America ("U.s. Food and Drug Administration ") or by any other organization dedicated to the evaluation of drugs and/or dietetic supplements, and these products do not try to diagnose, to treat, to cure or to prevent any disease.

All the content in this site is provided " as is " and " like is available ", without guarantee of any type, express, implicit or legal, including, but not limited to the implicit guarantees of the use of the product, aptitude for a particular intention or the not-infraction of not-violation. OBESIDAD.NET and the contained suppliers of information in this site do not guarantee the exactitude, reliability, integrity or new development of the content, information and links, or on the use or results of making use of this information, including, but not limited to any service of electronic mail obtained from this site.

You agree in that OBESIDAD.NET, under any circumstance, will not be responsible before you or before anybody of any decision or action taken by you or any other person of confidence in the information provided in this site. OBESIDAD.NET and the suppliers of information cannot and they do not guarantee that the archives available to transmit by this site will be free of " infections ", " virus ", " worms ", or any other code that can destroy or contaminate your system of computer.

When OBESIDAD.NET offers products or services in this site, OBESIDAD.NET does not endorse or guarantees any product or service and is not part of, and it does not supervise, any transaction between the users and the suppliers of these products or services.

You acknowledge that any guarantee that is provided in relation to any product or service which can be described in this agreement, is only provided by the owner, advertiser or manufacturer of that product or service and not by OBESIDAD.NET.


Neither OBESIDAD.NET, nor the suppliers of information, nor any other part involved in creating, produced or transmitted by this site will be responsible by any harm or direct damage, incidental, consecuencial, special or indirect resulting of your access or use of this site, including any contents, product or service offered, sold, bought or displayed in this site, or incapacity to use this site, do not matter that it is based on the legal theories of guarantees, contracts, or harms and damages (including, but not limited to negligence) or any other legal theory, even though it has been let us know of the possibility of such damage.

On account that some states, countries, or jurisdictions do not allow to the exclusion or limitation of responsibility by consecuenciales or incidental damages, these previously exposed limitations are not applicable to you.

Although OBESIDAD.NET tries to assure the integrity of this site, there exists the possibility that this site could include inaccuracies or errors, or nonauthorized information added to the site, and alterations done through third parties at the site.

OBESIDAD.NET does not give any guarantee that this site will be free of errors, delays, interruptions or losses, even the loss of data, or that all the errors will be corrected. In the eventuality of which an inaccuracy exists in this site, please, report to information@obesidad.net

In many cases, the information available through this site represents the single opinions and judgments of the Suppliers of Information or the users of this site.

OBESIDAD.NET neither endorses nor is responsible by the exactitude or reliability for any opinion, done advice or declaration in this site by any person. It is your responsibility to evaluate the exactitude, integrity or utility of any information, opinion, advice or another contents available through this site.


Registry of the intellectual property ("Copyright ") © 1999-2000 OBESIDAD.NET, All rights reserved.

Unless the opposite specifies itself, all the Content that you see or read in this site (for example, images, photographs, illustrations, icons, texts, videos, written information and other contents) is owned by OBESIDAD.NET or through third parties, and is protected under the laws of the rights of intellectual property. You cannot sell, reproduce, distribute, modify, display, publish, prepare derived works based on informing or anyway using any content for any public or commercial intention, unless you obtain in writing the previous consent of OBESIDAD.NET or the possessor of the rights of respective intellectual property.

In addition, you cannot use or display the contents in any other site of or in a chain of computers (network) for any intention.

If you violate anyone of these terms, your permission to use the contents will finish automatically and you will have to destroy any copy that you have done of the same one immediately.

This site stays for your personal information and holds an educative objective.

You can transmit in a single computer or print a copy of the contents for your personal, educative and private use, provided the rights of intellectual property appear in the content, which must include the phrase " Registry of intellectual property (' Copyright') © 1999-2000 OBESIDAD.NET. All Rights Reserved."

When transmitting contents of this site, you accept that you do not acquire any right of property. If you consider that any content in this site is infringing right of intellectual property, can inform it to us by electronic mail to information@obesidad.net


The logo "OBESIDAD.NET" is a OBESIDAD.NET brand of service. All other trade names, brands of service and logos used in this site are the brands or logo of their respective owners. You cannot use nor trade name or brands that appears in this site without the previous written consent of the owner of the trademark.


OBESIDAD.NET does not watch beforehand what the people say in our forums of discussion or chat rooms, nor we supervise it frequently, but if we found that you are using the forums or rooms of opposite ways to its intention, we will revoke your privileges of access.

OBESIDAD.NET considers the following conduct like incoherent to the purpose of this site, and you accept to observe the following rules:

To respect the privacy and opinions of others;

Not to use this site for commercial intentions, like the promotion or announcements of products or services;

Not to include harmful, false, unacceptable or anyway harmful obscene information;

Not to announce or to transmit contents that violates the rights of intellectual property of another part or intellectual rights of property;

Not to announce or to transmit any information that contains " infections ", " virus ", " worms ", or any other code that can destroy or contaminate any system of computer;

Not to modify, adapt, sublicense, translate, sell, manipulate, ruin, disarm or disassemble any portion of this site; and

not to use this site with illegal intentions.


The personal information that you provide in this site by electronic mail, discussion forums, chat rooms or other places of this site, will be treated by OBESIDAD.NET as it is described in our Policy of Privacy.

Any other communication or contents that you transmit to the site by electronic mail or another place, including, but not limiting any question or answer, commentaries, suggestions, or another communication will treat like not-confidential and without rights of property.

When announcing or transmitting contents to the site, you automatically grant to OBESIDAD.NET a right and licenses without perpetual, irrevocable, world-wide, transferable, and nonexclusive exemption, to use such content for any intention. Such a right and license to use the contents submitted by you will include without limitation the right to reproduce, modify, display, publish, distribute, transmit, make, and develop, make or announce based products on the contents, or as a part of other works in any form, mass media, or technology, known now or in ahead developed, and to sublicense such right and licenses to anyone.

In addition, when submitting contents to the site, you guarantee that you have the authority to grant the previous rights to OBESIDAD.NET, and recognizes that the burden to determine if any contents announced or transmitted by you to the site is protected by rights of intellectual property is only yours. OBESIDAD.NET, its Suppliers of Information, and their affiliated subsidiaries have the right, directly or indirectly, to affirm and to force these provisions that are related to the provision of contents.


You are free to buy products or services that can be or are described in this site.

OBESIDAD.NET, the respective retailer or supplier on watch can ask to you that you provide certain information, including but not limiting information on their credit card or another information of payment.

You accept that such information will be treated by OBESIDAD.NET as described in our Policy of Privacy.

You must provide to OBESIDAD.NET and to the retailer or supplier the exact information, complete and present.

You accept to review and to obey the terms and conditions of any agreement that you do with OBESIDAD.NET, the retailer and/or supplier in relation to the authorization or purchase of any product or service.

You are responsible for all the incurred positions that become to your account and credit card or another mechanism of payment, as well as to pay any related tax applicable to your purchases.


OBESIDAD.NET has the right, but to not responsibility, to supervise this site and to give any information to third parties in order to operate this site appropriately, to protect OBESIDAD.NET and its Suppliers of Information, to fulfill legal obligations or demands, or to respond to any circumstance that OBESIDAD.NET judges to be an emergency.

OBESIDAD.NET reserves the right to refuse to announce or to clear any information or content, altogether or partly, that is unacceptable, offensive or in violation in this agreement, with the single determination of OBESIDAD.NET.


You accept to compensate, to defend and to maintain OBESIDAD.NET free of any damage, its Suppliers of Information, their affiliated companies, their employees, contractors, and civil employees and directors of and against all the losses, obligations, expenses, damages and damages and costs, including the quotas reasonable of lawyers, related to any violation in this agreement, or any activity in relation to the use of this site (including, but not limited, the infraction of the intellectual property of the third or negligent or unfair conduct) by you or any other person who accesses this site using your account and/or password.


This site provides links to other sites that can offer useful information or services. The inclusion of any link to such sites does not imply endorsement or control by OBESIDAD.NET of those sites.

OBESIDAD.NET is not responsible by the policies for privacy or any action of any third party that controls such sites. Please, contact the persons that control these sites for pertinent information on your registry of data and other policies.


Although this site is accessible anywhere in the world, not all the products or services that are discussed or referred in this site are available to all the people or in all the geographic areas or jurisdictions.

OBESIDAD.NET reserves the right to limit the availability of this site and/or the provision of any product or service any person, geographic area or jurisdiction where it wishes, to OBESIDAD.NET discretion, and to limit the amounts of such product or service that it provides. Any supply for any product or service made in this site is null where prohibited.


OBESIDAD.NET controls and operates the site from our offices in Mexico. OBESIDAD.NET does not guarantee that the content in the site is appropriate or available for the use in other geographic areas. The people, who access this site from other geographic areas, access to this site with their own initiative and are responsible to fulfill the local laws, where they are applicable.


OBESIDAD.NET can finish your use of this site if you violate or act incoherently with the terms in this agreement, or violates the rights of OBESIDAD.NET or any third or for any reason with or without warning to you.


OBESIDAD.NET can modify or can discontinue this site, with or without warning to you.

OBESIDAD.NET will not be responsible to you or third for such modification or interruption.

Your use of this site after such modification will be judged to constitute its acceptance of such modification.

If some part in this agreement is not been valid under other laws, the part without validity is interpreted in agreement with the applicable law according to the possible broad meaning and the rest of the provisions will continue being completely feasible.

These terms will be governed by, and they will be translated in agreement with, the laws of the Federal District, in Mexico, without considering your conflicts of provisions of the law.

The parts to this agreement put under the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in the City of Mexico, Federal District, and resign to any jurisdictional objection, objection of the site of an action or to the objections of the courts different to this jurisdiction.

Dear visitor: the intention of this web site about obesity is informative and educational, that's why the information in here doesn't substitute professional attention. If you have any doubt with respect to this information consult your family doctor.

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Dear visitor: The object of this web site is to inform and educate. Therefore, the information contained herein does not substitute professional medical attention.
If you have any doubt with respect to this information consult your personal doctor.

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