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 Welcome to the site on the topic of the illness of modern times, OBESITY. During the year 2001, over 1 million of our pages were visited. Visits from people interested in improving their health, in preventing obesity and overweight in an attempt to improve their quality of life and that of their dear ones. This number of visits clearly demonstrates the importance of the topic and how much more people's consciousness about the importance of well-being has grown.

 Nutrition is essential to health, to one's vitality, to keep up the levels of corporal energy and to protect it from infections. It is not possible to have an active and healthy life while eating inadequately.

 Besides the above visits, we personally covered thousands of doubts and questions via email.


 In Obesidad.NET we are aware of the fact that is better to prevent than to remedy, and that prevention must be preceded by knowledge in order to act, which is why this site is an informative one to educate and to guide in that which we are not taught in school, such as eating healthily and nutritiously without falling into excesses.

 We know that motivation is one of the important elements to achieve each goal which we set for ourselves, such as improving our health. Therefore, motivation is an essential part of our site.

 Here you will find updated information on the basic aspects of several subjects related to nutrition, nutrition disorders, their causes, their consequences and the prevention of same. We provide a direct channel to our Medical Director and expert on the subject, Dr. Arieh Goldberg, who personally replies to all doubts via email. As you visit our pages you will find 18 tips that Dr. Goldberg has developed throughout his bariatric medical career while treating thousands of patients for over more than 20 years. These tips are of great importance for success in carrying out an adequate eating program in order to lose weight . Thanks to your periodical visits, this site shall continue to grow month by month providing additional information and resources for your benefit.

 Remember,your comments and participation as well as that of each visitor is important, which makes the existence of a participation section possible; we request that you constantly visit and participate in it. If you know someone who can use the information and resources herein furnished, do not hesitate to refer them to our site, for which we thank you in advance.


 OBESITY: Is a chronic illness brought about by many causes and entailing numerous complications. Obesity is characterized by excess fat in the organism and appears when the Body Mass Index in an adult is over 25 units.

 Obesity does not distinguish color, age, socioeconomic level, sex or geographic situation.

 In the past, an overweight person was considered a person who was in excellent health. However today it is well known that obesity causes multiple complications to our health.

 We now know that Obesity is strongly linked to the cause of many subsequent diseases, such as cardiovascular, dermatological, gastrointestinal, diabetic, osteopathy, etc.

 The first step towards discovering whether obesity exists or not, is to know your Body Mass Index. To do this you will need a tape measure and to know your weight.

 Enter your data in our BODY MASS INDEX CALCULATOR (Click here). It is important that your data be accurate in order to immediately find out your BMI.

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