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Professional Resumé

Dr. Arieh Goldberg Kalik is physician, graduated from the School of Medicine of the National University of Mexico, postgraduate education at the Medical College of Wisconsin in the United States of America.

Is 47 years old and 21 years of professional medical experience.

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Clinic Researcher and Consultant.

Member of the New York Academy of Science.

Member of the American College of Bariatrie.

Member of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity.

Member of the North American Academy for Eating Disorders.

Member of several Associations and Medical Colleges.

Medical Director of the Bariatric Medical Clinic for Computerized Diagnostic and Body Fat Control.

Certified Medical Nutrition Specialist by the American Board of Physician Nutricionists Specialists.

Diploma in Medical Computing at Distance by the School of Medicine of the National University of Mexico.

Author of the book "Eating is a Pleasure When You Know How to Do It".

This book will allow you to take advantage of a rich and varied diet at the same time that you take care of your health. You can find it in your favorite book store. Available only in spanish.


To live healthy

A useful book that can't miss in your home.

Contains among other topics

Advices about nutrition

The Cholesterol

Advices for a balanced nutrition

Child Nutrition

Unnecessary meals

Obesity in children


How to freese meals

Eat and enjoy of:

Eat ocassionaly:

Try to avoid always:

Recipes and calories

And many more topics...

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Medical supervision by Dr. Arieh Goldberg Kalik.
Bariatric physician, certified medical nutrition specialist. Certificate # 1010084

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