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 Question: I suffer from migraine; could you advise me on what foods NOT to eat in order to prevent my migraines? Elizabeth

 Answer: You should definitely avoid:

Smoked and spiced products  Pizza
Fermented products Lima beans
Salami Prefrozen foods that contain nitrates or nitrites.
Sausage Meat tenderizer
Pork sausage Monosodium glutamate
Pastas with cheese Soy sauce
  Salt condiment

 Small quantities of :

Drinks containing caffeine (2 per day) Wine vodka Whiskey (1 goblet a day)
Small sausage (hot dog) Canned meat
Bacon Cold cuts
Ham Parmesan cheese (2 tea spoons per day)
Yogur Chocolate

 Citric, avocado, banana, grapes, papaya, red plum


 Question: Is aminosol good for weight control or is it included in the lipolitic aminoacids forbidden by the health department norms? I am being injected with 0.1 ml in my arm, not in any other zones. Am I putting my health in risk?

 My diet is planned by a nutriologist; it is personal and individual. I am being checked by a doctor and nutriologist. They prescribe exercise.

Am I doing the right thing? Thank you. Armando

 Answer: Yes aminosol IS forbidden, be careful.

 Question: What should I do to stop being a compulsive nocturnal eater? Please reply ASAP I am worried Thank you. Aurora

 Answer: This type of problem is usually handled by a psychiatrist, why not consult one?

 Question: I would like to know the most convenient method to eliminate small quantities of fat in the body. I am 27 years old and my BMI is 23.5 (I weigh 149 lbs. and measure 5' 6") and the hip waist ratio is 0.94 (waist 31.9" and hip 33.8"). As to physical activity I run 25 minutes once a week. Joe

 Answer: I suggest you increase your exercise to 3 times a week and 30 minutes minimum.

 Question: How can you help a person who has tried unsuccessfully different methods to lose weight, to regain self confidence, since that persons continues to gain weight and can not find an alternative and is desperate. Martha

 Answer. Perhaps the type of diets and/or medications were not adequate.

 Question: I have been offered a weight loss treatment based on aminoacid shots. Is that good or could it be harmful? Peggie

 Answer: Watch it ! The health authorities forbid this type of treatment for obesity.

 Question: Three months ago I moved to Holland . The hours and the type of food are very different from those in my country. I have gained 6 Kg and I am desperate because I cannot seem to lose weight I would like to know if the use of birth control pills has something to do with it. Zaza from Amsterdam

 Answer: Birth control pills are definitely responsible for gaining weight in some women. Why not try to do some exercise and avoid fattening foods.

 Question: I am somewhat obsessed with my weight and even though I am not that heavy I am going to a nutriologist. (My weight is 54 Kg. and measure 1.59 mts.)

 Which are the recommended fruits to eat between meals when I get hungry? Which are the low calorie desserts and fats? Kate

 Answer: Apple and jicama between meals; low cal gelatin with pieces of fruit and drinking a lot of water.

 Question: I was under treatment for weight loss with a bariatric doctor for approximately 6 months and lost 13 Kg. I regained 3 and I lost them again. The diet I was following was the low carbohydrate. About a month and a half ago I realized that it was not working because I did not lose weight the Dr. changed the medicine (norex, proloid 15/60) but I did not lose weight. I became desperate and I drop the diet and the medication two weeks ago and...

 Surprise! I have just weighed myself and find that I have gone up 5 Kg. I am thoroughly frustrated. All the efforts I have put into 2 weeks of dieting have been to no avail. I am ashamed to go to see the doctor. I had an appointment today and did not go. He had told me that even if I did not lose I would stabilize at the same weight, but I did not want to because I still had to lose 8 kg. and now it turns out to be 13 Kg. How frustrating !!, what can I do? Lourdes

 Answer: The first thing that you must do is ask the Dr. what explanation he can give you as far as the use of these forbidden medications to try to lose weight. What you have is the logical rebound of these types of medications and diet.

 Question: What are the most effective diet and exercise for losing weight? Thank you Sophia.

 Answer: Diets differ according to different people.

 Question: I have been progressively losing weight on the diet that I have been followed but I have reached a point where it is getting more and more difficult to continue to lose. I lift weights everyday and run 3 times a week. Why is this happening?

 Answer: This is something very common, this period is known to stabilize and is also a period of equilibrium of your body, continue with your exercise program and remember perseverance is everything.

 Question: Due to bifid spine problem I cannot walk more than 1 mile a day and I am about 12 kg. overweight. What kind of exercises can I do in order to lose weight? Gonzalo

 Answer: You definitely must lose weight and go on a diet in order to improve your physical activity once you have lost weight you can increase your activity.

 Good luck to all!

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