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 The importance of the Dr's role in the control of obesity in his patients.

 The concern for body weight, appearance and diet pervade modern society.

 Low calorie, low fat and light food appear more and more in supermarkets and restaurants. Gyms have proliferated in a very important manner and household exercise equipment is more easily available.

 Preliminary research information that offer a small shadow of hope for the cure of obesity is frequently filled with much ado.

 Several pharmacological agents, numerous "magic products" and various dietetic phenomena are extensively advertised (but not tested), whereas the methods used to reach consumers go through thousands of millions of dollars yearly for the products and services regarding weight lose in the search for something quick in order to lose excess weight.

 Evidence of health risks and death attributed to obesity also continues to accumulate.

 Besides although the advantages of exercise are well documented, recent data indicates that 40% of all adults are sedentary. The decrease in obesity and overweight cases is an important public health problem and a clinical challenge.

 Prevention is necessary in order to minimize the obesity problem among the population. Nevertheless, at the patient level Drs. have a critical responsibility towards evaluation, advice and treatment of overweight and obese patients.

 The important roles of the Drs. and other health professionals is to advise and educate patients in weight control and exercise. In a national survey of nearly 13,000 adults who have been seen their doctors routinely during the past year, 42% were found to have received a weight loss advice from a professional.

 Compared with those that didn't receive advice to reduce their weight, the patients that were advised to lose weight, it was that it is almost more probable 3 times that they tried to make it.

 Scientific research has advanced highly in the understanding of the complex facts and interaction involving environment, genetics and behavioral factors involved in obesity.

 Personalized consultation on the part of doctors and other health professionals on diet and physical activity continue to be an essential element for the prevention of excess weight for patients with a normal body weight, and this is the central component of the clinical strategy for treatment of patients who are fat and obese.

 However, future research is necessary in order to evaluate the Dr. who gives advice regarding primary prevention of obesity. Drs. and other health professionals should also take advantage and think of themselves and perhaps improve their own weight.

 By demonstrating to keep healthy within the range of adequate weight and taking part in regular exercise, Drs. will not only be role models for their patients but most certainly will make more money.


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