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 There are so many consequences about health which cause obesity and eating disorders which sooner or later we are going to experience. This problems slowly deteriorate our health without our being aware of it or else we don't want to face it.

 Obesity is definitely easier and less complicated to prevent than to treat this disease.

 We would have to begin with the educational task, to teach children at a very young age to know the nutrients which can produce harm in a short, medium or long term. A positive reinforcement of aptitudes without involving the foods.

 To learn how some foods can be substituted with others containing a lower and healthier caloric value.

 To identify and modify life patterns which can bring about an obesity problem. A gradual change in eating habits, gradually reduce the use of fats in the food.

 To learn the difference between hunger and gula. If you have the sensation of putting something in your mouth, then this is not hunger.

 If the sensation comes from the stomach this could be hunger, sit down and enjoy some low calorie food. Cut small pieces or teaspoons and chew these tidbits several times.

 Remember that to eat is a great pleasure if you know how to do it.

 Try no to eat while watching TV or listening to the radio or reading the newspaper or a magazine or standing next to the refrigerator or in your car. Do not have supper in bed and after supper try to walk.

 Do not let your emotions betray you because you always be able to achieve the set goal, perseverance will take you to success.

 If you like dessert prepare low calorie gelatin with pieces of fruit and enjoy.

 Increase your water intake, remember that 85% of our body are liquids.

 If you are very hungry and are not full after having attempted the advice of the above paragraphs, keep yourself occupied:

 Call a friend on the phone or visit a neighbor

 Write a letter and check your spelling

 Go and see a movie (be careful about eating too much pop corn)

 Try to solve a crossword puzzle

 Finishing putting together that old jigsaw puzzle

 Organize your photos and put them in an album

 Reorganize your clothing drawers

 Have you checked the shoes that could use a shine?

 If you make up your mind to change your attitude and to undertake one by one the above activities you will find that being constant will be the key to success.

 Remember that exercise is your best ally to prevent obesity and to improve your quality of life.


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