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 This page has its reason for being due to the fact that during the last 3 months of the year 2001 we received over 300 emails containing virus from different people who have us in their personal directories, besides which, we know that a computer should have periodic maintenance in order to get attain maximum service.

 The computer is the electronic device that has evolved the most since its invention. Now within reach of the masses it is not necessary seemingly the knowledge of like they work to use them.

 These extraordinary devices are exposed to many dangers within their correct and continued function without problems. Some of the principal problems encountered are both physical (hardware deficiency) and operative (software deficiency and virus).

 The main hardware deficiencies are the following:

  • Memory failure

  • Overheating of the Processor

  • Hard disk deficiency

 The main software deficiencies are the following:

  • Operating System failure

  • Presence of virus

  • Conflict between programs


 When you wish to put up to date or replace an internal component of the equipment (cards, chips, processor, etc.), do it only if you are perfectly sure that you know how, otherwise, leave this to an experienced technician.

 Never open a computer, as just simply touching a component you may harm it due to the static electricity that is in our body.

 In case you need additional memory, another hard disk or any other component for your equipment, always be sure to acquire the correct one for your equipment and avoid creating conflicts with another element.

 It is recommendable to connect the computer to a power source (no-break) or a voltage regulator instead of connecting it directly to the current. This guarantees an additional purer signal for the equipment and protects its components from the consequences in case of a voltage failure.

 Dust is the computer's worst enemy. Therefore, it is important to install it in a clean area and also if necessary to clean its internal components periodically (every 6 months).


 Upon installing a program in your computer, make sure that it originates from a safe and reliable source, whether you download it from the web or acquire it from another place.

 Never download files or programs e-mailed from sources unknown to you or even friends. These are the worst generators of virus. NEVER run files with extensions EXE which come in an e-mail. Trust no one, except those that you are actually expecting to hear from.

 Be sure to install an antivirus.

 Consider that the cost of an antivirus installation will always be less than the value of the information that can be lost through a virus attack, the waste of time in having to repair it as well as the cost of same.

 Constantly update your antivirus via web. It is advisable to do it every two weeks. There is a daily appearance of new virus and we are all exposed to them, especially those of us who use the internet. Antivirus manufacturers constantly have on their website the most recently updated antivirus

 Antivirus links:

 Norton Antivirus. Click here

 McAfee. Click here

 F-secure. Click here

 It is also advisable to count on a diagnostic and repair program which should be used periodically. These programs test the different components of both the software and hardware system.

 In this manner, it is easy to repair any of deficiencies which may be found and detect those that indicate deterioration of an equipment component such as the hard disk, in order to take the necessary measures before the problem gets worse. Among the tools of the Windows operating system there are two that are especially useful: Scandisk and Defrag (or disk Defragmentator). The use of these tools are highly complementary to the diagnostic program.

 A very useful tool is Norton-Utilities, which is very easy to use and prevents many headaches.

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