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 Health is our most valuable possession ; without it we can do very little or nothing at all. Besides it is not something to care of only sometimes it should always be taken care of.

 Your participation is completely anonymous, you may use a nick name if you so desire.

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 It is truly a pleasure for we who try to sustain this web site which helps many people to improve their health. Seeing how people all over the world have signed our guest book (in English and Spanish languages) shows that there is always someone somewhere making an effort to improve.

 If you sign it also you are letting all the others know that they are not alone in their health problem whatever it may be.

 You can go through what others have written and add your own message besides your personal data and the place where you live, an encouraging comment or some experience that you may have had regarding this subject.

 Remember to adhere to the rules of "netiquette".

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 In a forum you may have the chance to ask questions and get answers from all over the world from people who have already gone through a similar experience and help us to resolve this doubt or to save this obstacle. In the same manner your advice can help many people.

 Important note: Everything mentioned in this forum should be taken carefully; our advice is always to consult your doctor in advance.

 There are certain etiquette rules to abide upon participating in an open forum amongst which are the following:

 Always respect others; some people do not due to the anonymity which exists in the Internet.

 Please refrain from using offensive language or anything similar. What is considered good manners in one part of the world may have a completely different meaning in another.

 Try to express yourself in a kindly manner; we all have different levels of susceptibility.

 Be clear in the idea that you are trying to transmit.

 Perhaps the most important thing is to be creative and to participate; You can be a great help and also be helped.

 First of all find out what a forum consist of and what you can contribute to same.

 Second, analyze how you can take part and navigate accordingly.

 You will quickly see your doubts cleared away one way or the other by people who might live far away who have already gone through a similar period.

 Instructions for adding, messages, subjects or topics can be found in the forum.

 You can create a discussion forum if you so desire and you will see the participation grow.

 Note: Although you can create a forum on any topic, we ask you to stick only to problems, solutions, experiences and doubts regarding health.

 Thank you for participating.

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