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 MEAT: Greasy like pork, bacon, sausage and other products that contain pork.

 COLD CUTS: Processed meats, cold cuts that are not turkey such as (salami, baloney, sausages, and hamburgers served in fast food restaurants (they contain too much fat) viscera (kidney, sweetbreads, liver, etc.) pates.

 FOWL: Greasy (duck, goose)

 FISH: Canned in oil

 SEAFOOD: lobster, shrimp, craw-fish, oysters.

 EGGS: Limit egg yolks to two per week.

 FRUITS: Avocado and coconut.


 Starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, beans) should be consumed only if they are used as substitutes for one portion of bread or cereal.

 LEGUMES: Beans (canned) with sugar, or pork.

 OLEAGINOUS: Peanuts, pistachio, walnuts, almonds, Pumpkin seeds.

 BREAD: All cakes baked with lard or butter and sugar.

 Commercial products containing dehydrated eggs and whole milk. Avoid cupcakes, doughnuts and cakes.

 CEREAL: Fried rice.

 MILK PRODUCTS: Whole milk and packaged products that contain whole milk. Cream, ice cream, puddings, yogur, whole milk cheeses. Non lacteous cream substitutes.

 FATS: Butter, lard, solid margarine, commercial salad dressings, creamy sauces.

 DESSERTS: Fried snacks such as potatoes, chocolates, candy in general, jellies, gelatins, honey, whole milk puddings, ice cream, ice cream pops and peanut butter.

 DRINKS: Sugared fruit juices, sodas, chocolate made with whole milk and/or sugar. Consommé and meat broth.

 ALCOHOLIC DRINKS: 2 TO 3 drinks per week.


 MEAT: Non fat cuts of meat, beef or veal.

 COLD CUTS: Turkey.

 FOWL: Chicken and turkey.

 FISH: All types of fresh fish or fish canned in water.

 SEAFOOD: Synthetic crawfish.

 EGGS: Egg whites (as much as you want)

 FRUITS: Eat three portions of fresh fruit a day (1 portion = ½ cup). Make sure that you eat at least one citric fruit a day. Frozen or canned fruit without sugar.

 VEGETABLES: The majority of vegetables may be freely consumed. The use of one yellow vegetable daily is advisable. Vegetables may be steam cooked, strained.

 LEGUMES: 1 cup a day.


 BREAD: One piece of white bread or a slice of whole wheat bread may be used or substituted by three salted cracker. Spaghetti or pasta (1/2 cup) can substitute the bread.

 CREREAL: All the boxed or natural cereals including cooked rice.

 MILK PRODUCTS: Always use skimmed milk or products made with skimmed milk such as low fat cheeses (fresh, cottage, without cream, panela) low fat yogur, and skimmed milk either liquid or powdered.

 FATS: Carthamus, soy, sunflower, corn or sesame seed polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

 DESSERTS: Limited, one portion a day substitute each portion for one portion of bread or cereal: ices (1/4 cup) unflavored gelatin or flavored gelatins with sugar substitutes (1/3 cup), pudding prepared with skimmed milk (1/2 cup) egg white soufflé with out butter (1/2 cup).

 DRINKS: Fresh fruit drinks, water, black coffee, tea or herbal three tea, diet sodas, cocoa made with skimmed non fat milk.

 ALCOHOLIC DRINKS: 2 to 3 drinks per week.


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