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 Kindly read this comparative table of fats carefully:

Butter Olive oil Margarine
Cream Peanuts  Carthamus oil
Coconut oil Avocado Sunflower oil
Cheeses Egg yolk Corn oil
Whole milk Meat Sesame oil
Snacks Walnuts Pumpkin seeds
Cold cuts Chicken Fish


 Skipping any meal causes non stimulus of the metabolism. Besides if your friend "temptation" appears it is possible that you will eat any high calorie but not nutritive food which will cause fatigue or discomfort.


 You should drink from 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Do not forget that your body normally looses between 2 and 3 liters of water daily and this should be replenished because it is the carrier of oxygen and nutrition to your cells.


 Vitamins are chemical compounds of organic nature which are present in minimal amounts in foods and are necessary for life since they are important regulators of many compounds in our body.

 The vitamins are classified as:

  • Liposoluble Vitamins (soluble in fat).

  • Hydrosoluble Vitamins (soluble in water).



What it's for Its lack causes Its excess causes Daily allowance Is found in

Vitamin A

Bone structure,skin structure and low light vision  Nocturnal blindness, dry skin and eye infections  Changes in the skin and the bones  Women:4000 u.i. Men:5000 u. i.  Green vegetables, carrots, yellow fruits, milk, cheese, cream, egg yolk

Vitamin D

Acts as an hormone for the absorption of calcium in the bones 

Rickets and bone problems. *  Women:10 mcg.(400 u. I.) Men: 10 mcg.(400 u. i.)  Milk, yogur, fish. And it is necessary skin exposure to the sun

Vitamin E

Protects the red corpuscles and prevents aging  Destruction of red corpuscles  * Women:8 mg. Men:10 mg. Oils, dressings, grains, legumes, walnuts, dark leaf vegetables

Vitamin K

Helps normal coagulation of blood  Hemorrhage, gall bladder disease  Highly toxic  Women:10 a 14 mcg. Men:10 a 14 mcg.  Green leaf vegetables


Vitamin What it's for Its lack causes Its excess causes Daily allowance Is found in
Vitamin C It improves the gums and the mucous, helps to absorb iron. Scurvy, bleeding gums, loss of teeth * Women:60 mg.

Men:60 mg.

Citric fruits, strawberry, tomato, broccoli, raw green vegetables.

Vitamin B-1 Thiamin 

Healthy nerves, good digestion, good mental state, normal appetite. Fatigue, low appetite, depression, polyneuritis. (Beriberi) * Women:0.5 mg. per 1000 calories Men:0.5 mg. per 1000 calories  Red meat, fowl, legumes, bread, milk, eggs, grains.

Vitamin B-2 Riboflavin 

Fat acids synthesis, normal vision, healthy skin, helps to convert glucose. Cracked lips, chapped skin, teary eyes * Women:1.2 mg. per 1000 calories Men:1.6 mg. per 1000 calories  Milk, meat, fowl, fish, dark green leaf vegetables, whole-wheat bread


Healthy skin, normal digestion, healthy nerves, helps to convert glucose  Scaly inflammation of the skin, dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia. * Women:6.6 mg. per 1000 calories Men:6.6 mg. per 1000 calories  Read meat, birds, fish, dark-green leaf vegetables, whole-wheat bread, tryptophan (protein)

Vitamin B-6 Pyridoxine 

Metabolism of proteins, formation of the molecule hem  Intestinal disorders, weakness, irritability * Women:2 mg.

 Men:2.2 mg. 

Meat, potatoes, whole wheat cereals, green vegetables

Vitamin B-12 Cobalamin 

Formation of mature red corpuscles, DNA and RNA synthesis  Pernicious anemia, absence of the intrinsic factor *  Women:3 mcg.

Men:3 mcg. 

Only animal source nutrients


 Formation of mature red corpuscles, DNA and RNA synthesis  Macrocytic anemia in pregnancy  * Women:400 mcg.

 Men:400 mcg. 

Dark-green leafs vegetables, cereal, meat, eggs, fish


 Interferes in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats  Enzymatic deficiency  *  Women:150 mcg.

Men:150 mcg. 

Dark-green leafs vegetables, cereal, meat, fish

Pantoic acid 

Interferes in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats   Anemia, irritability Women:5.5 mcg.

Men:5.5 mcg. 

Meat, grain cereal, legumes.


 There are three substances known as "Non vitamins" such as laetrile, amygdaline (called vitamin B-17) and the pangamic acid (called vitamin B-15) which are not essential in daily nutrition. It is falsely believed that vitamins are fattening which is not so, inasmuch as they do not contain calories.

 If you are on a well balanced diet it is not necessary to use vitamins. If a situation appears which in its moment throws off the body's equilibrium be it an illness due to excessive stress or excessive exercise, vitamins could help but remember the specific compounds should be prescribed by the doctor and not the media.


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