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Kindly read the following comparative table carefully:

Whole wheat bread 1 Slice  11 gr.
Pita bread 1  57 gr.
Granola  60 gr. 33 gr.
Oatmeal 250 gr. 22 gr.
Orange  1 12 gr.
Apple  1 19 gr.
Pear 1 17 gr.
Spinach pasta  200 gr. 55 gr.
Whole wheat pasta 200 gr.  49 gr.
Rice 180 gr.  53 gr.
Lentils  160 gr.  26 gr.
Potatoes  1 16 gr.


 In the medical world there is an illness that is known as the silent disease: it is the arterial hypertension or high blood pressure which if not controlled could be lethal.

 Salt makes our body retain liquids and raises arterial pressure. Use it carefully.

 A small amount of salt is definitely necessary in order to flavor food but if this dish has already been salted in its preparation let us not add additional salt.

 The good news is that nowadays it is easy to find products low in salt or without salt and salt substitutes.


 The principal problem is the excessive fat that people consume. This is related to a great variety of illnesses: cardiovascular, gall bladder, cancer and also brings on overweight and obesity. Each gram of fat consumed is a source of 9 calories.

 Avoiding fat altogether is not advisable inasmuch the body requires a certain amount for the synthesis of the essential fat acids and the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K. Fats must represent between 15 and 20% of the daily calorie intake.

 You have surely heard talk about fat. The following is a brief summary on same:

 We can classified them in two groups:

Non saturated

 Generally the main ones are solid fats at room temperature and these are the dangerous ones. The non saturated are liquid fats at room temperature and are subdivided into:

Monounsaturated and




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