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 The first doubt which arises is what its correct spelling is. Inasmuch as it dates back to 5,000 BC having originated in Mesopotamia and the origin of the word being turkish, its correct spelling is YOGUR.

 The nomads who would eventually settle in what today is known as Bulgaria, introduced it to Europe.

 Yogur is milk which has fermented. In other words, it is the result of the growth of the bacteria in luke warm milk which reproduces forming lactic acid which in turn does not allow the development of other harmful bacteria.

 From a nutritional point of view, yogur is the same as milk except that its fermentation affords other digestibility advantages.

 Its flavor and consistency vary depending on the quality and type of milk used in its production. Also, fruit may be added to change its consistency and increase its nutritional value.

Comparative value of 150 grams of Yogur

Nutrient Whole Yogur Low fat yogur Low fat Yogur with fruit
23.6 g
7.7 g
4.2 g
2.3 g
240 mg
11 g
7.7 g
1.2 g
0.8 g
285 mg
26.9 g
6 g
1.1 g
0.6 g
225 mg


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