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 The avocado is a delicious fruit, from the Lauraceae family a native tree in the Northern Mexican Hemisphere.

 The avocado is free of cholesterol and sodium.

 It only contains 5 grams fat in 30 grams avocado. This type of fat is a monounsaturated fat, known as "good fat".

 Avocado is the fruit that contains the most dietetic fiber, it has 60% more potassium than a medium banana.

 The avocado is rich in group B vitamins, preferably and high in folic acid; during pregnancy this is very important since the folic acid is essential in the formation of the baby's neural tube.

 It also contains a lot of glutamine, which is an antioxidant which is necessary to capture free radicals that could harm our organism.

Avocado 100 gr.

Total fat
Saturated fat
Monounsaturated fat
Polyunsaturated fat
Dietetic fiber
A vitamin
B1 vitamin
B2 vitamin
B6 vitamin
C vitamin
Folic acid
183 calories
15 gr.
0 mg.
3 gr.
9 gr.
3 gr.
3 gr.
9 gr.
9 gr.
0 %
6 %
6 %
12 %
12 %
18 %
0 %
6 %
0 %

 Look for this delicious food used to prepare a great amount of healthful dishes, such as the famous guacamole.


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