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 The bean is a rich source of proteins and carbohydrates as well as the B complex vitamin. such as niacin, riboflavin, folic acid and thiamine.

 Beans also supply iron, copper, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and calcium and is high in fiber content. It is also an excellent source of polyunsaturated acid fats.

 The bean is originally from Mexico and is called ETL in Nahuatl.

 There are multiple varieties of beans which are characterized by size, form, the color of its seed and by its type of growth.

 In Mexico there are close to 70 varieties of beans which are distributed into 7 groups.





bay, sort of a chestnut color



 The average calorie content per 100 g. of beans is 322.

Carbohydrates Thiamine

 322 Kcal.
21.8 g.
2.5 g.
55.4 g.
 0.63 mg.
0.17 mg.
1.8 mg.
 183 mg.
4.7 mg.

 Once the beans have been selected and cleaned, they should be washed in running water, thus eliminating any impurity from the water which each time emerges cleaner.

 The bean also contains toxic factors; however this toxicity appears only when they are raw, since these factors disappear during the cooking.

 Following this they should be left to soak overnight adding one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda per each 2 pounds of beans.

 The following morning the water should be emptied and the beans should soak for another 10 minutes , after which the water should be removed.

 To cook in a pressure cooker:

 Add enough water to cover ¾ of the pot. Cover the pot and set it on full flame; when the required pressure has been reached, lower the flame.

 To cook in a pewter, aluminum or clay pot:

 Add sufficient water to cover the beans cover the pot and cook for at least 4 hours.

 Change them into another recipient and allow to cool down. Once cooled they can be kept covered in the refrigerator. If not allowed to cool before refrigerating, they will spoil within 3 or 4 days.

 Now everything is ready to prepare this delicious food, rich in both iron and protein.


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