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 Recent research has confirmed the existence of a link between eating certain types of foods and the act of feeling better, relaxed and even content, with the production of substances at a cerebral level which determine our state of mind, our performance and our behavior.


 Stress and the lack of magnesium are so closely related that it is advisable for those who lead a very fatiguing life to add foods rich in magnesium, such as bananas. Increasing the intake of magnesium reduces anxiety and makes for better sleeping.

 Other sources of magnesium are walnuts, legumes, vegetables and wheat germ.


 Two glasses (350 ml.) of fresh orange juice are enough to diminish nervousness, bad moods and depression; low lack of vitamin C, the nutriment which favors the secretion of thee noradrenaline, could provoke irritability and dejectedness.

 Also, not eating foods rich in said vitamin prevents the organism from absorbing the iron necessary for fighting fatigue.


 Due to the type of soil in which they grow, Brazilian walnuts are rich in selenium, which, according to certain research, are related to pleasant disposition, one or two walnuts suffice.

 Other sources of selenium are fish, seafood, beef and whole-wheat bread.

 The majority of foods contain one or several of the 20 aminoacids (which are the principal constituents of proteins, both animal and vegetable).

 These substances compete with one another to feed the brain. Eating a few slices of whole-wheat bread contributes to our "hearing" the message of the tryptophan aminoacid, to wit "get happy"

 Once it reaches the brain, the tryptophan increases the serotonin, a cerebral substance which tranquilizes and enhances the mood.

 The secret is in eating the bread before meat or cheese, which are rich in protein, so that the tryptophan may reach the brain before the other aminoacids.


 Ninety percent of all women have a craving for chocolate, especially when they are premenstrual or are bored or very tense.

 Some experts believe that like many other foods sweet and rich in carbohydrates, chocolate can have a soothing effect; others, however, consider that the caffeine and other substances contained in chocolate could act as stimulants. Be that as it may, the very pleasure to the palate suffices to make one feel happy.


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