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This year decide to eat healthfully.

Avoid the saltshaker on the table.

Eat one portion of cereal a day making sure that it contains whole wheat.

If you must use oil, make it corn, olive or sunflower. In the lower amounts and do not reuse it.

Avoid dressings based on oils, butter, lard and margarine.

Eat 1 or 2 daily portions of meat, chicken or fish or milk and its byproducts or their alternatives in vegetarian proteins such as tofu.

Remove the fat from the meat and skin from the chicken.

Drink 200 ml of low fat milk or low fat yogur or instead 30 grams of low fat cheese per day.

Eat fast food only once a week.

Try to avoid repeatedly greasy, fried or fattening foods.

Remember you should not skip any meal.

Do not drink more than one liter of caffeine drinks per day.

Eating is a pleasure; enjoy your meals.

Learn and enjoy modifying your eating habits and in this change include your family.

Eat a minimum of 4 rations of fruit.

Eat a minimum of 1 salad plate of vegetables of different colors per day.

Include more fiber in your daily nutrition.

Learn to read the labels on the food containers.

Substitute fatty products for low fat products.

Do not eat at random; Try to differentiate between a whim and true hunger.

Eat rice or pasta without adding cheese, butter, margarine, cream or oil but rather vegetables.

Eat legumes (beans, green beans and chickpeas) two or three times a week.

Increase the intake of: cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, tortilla, and bread.

Foods that you should eat moderately: chicken without skin, veal, fish, egg white, low fat milk and low fat lacteal byproducts.

Foods that should be eaten in low quantities; butter, margarine, oils, lean meat, candy, dressings, sugar, chocolate, egg yolk and sodas.

Do not forget to drink water. Your body requires between 1.5 and 2 liters of water daily.

Increase your physical activity.

If you must eat between meals plan to have handy fruit and vegetables cut up into pieces, squares of low fat cheese and stick a toothpick into only one piece and eat one piece at the time.

You may also serve yourself a small bowl of cereal and eat it one by one.

Prepare low cal gelatin with pieces of fruit.

Do not turn your project of the year into good intentions. Plan a good strategy and do it one day at a time, and you will accomplish your purpose.

Make a daily calendar and check your day from 1 to 5 depending on your daily behavior, do not fool yourself, you are the only one to benefit from this.


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