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Survey # 1

This survey is focused to the purchase habits and the form of placing the foods that we buy, according to the caloric content.

Thank you for your participation.

When you go to the supermarket:
You take a list of what you will buy
You just have the idea of what you will buy
You buy what you go seeing

You go to purchase food:
When you are hungry
When it is necessary the visit
When you are not hungry for not having whim of any food

You buy:
Foods of high caloric value
A combination of high and low caloric value
Only foods of low caloric value

You keep the food in your refrigerator:
In transparent bags
Where there is space without caring how
In opaque bags for not seeing the food

In their cupboard you accommodates the food:
Of high caloric value near your reach
Of high caloric value far from your reach
Without any order


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