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 It is present in all people, in the whole nature, in all our universe, it is a universal principle, and it is known by the marketing people, it is the Principle of the Minimum Effort.

 We all search for the way to get what we want in the quickest possible manner, with the least or zero effort, the least possible energy. We look for the shortcut, we look for someone to make the effort for us or a solution that sometimes is or seems to be ideal.

 At times someone comes up with an "easy solution" to our problem, but which entails a high monetary output but seems to be what we were searching for, and without further ado, we accept it. Before doing so we should ask ourselves if it is the better road, if it is the better solution, the road to the best results, not in a short term, but rather in the long run, that is to say a true solution, a solution with lasting results.

 In matters of health, many profitable companies without scruples constantly come up with alternatives for losing weight and measures in a short period of time. In such cases it is wise to ask ourselves if what they offer is real or if they are taking advantage of our need or desire to recuperate our figures and health.

 In many countries there exist "products for losing sizes or weight such as:


Patches for burning fat

Powders for eliminating fat


Many more

 Not very inexpensive products which supposedly work without the slightest effort on our part.

 How can it be possible for a person can go down one full size after showering once with one of these soaps?

 How can it be possible for a person to lose weight without any effort merely by using a patch?

 It has been proven that this is the easy road to weight loss that has no compensation other than to have been deceived by solutions that do not work and therefore depress us more than we were before having acquired that "solution" to our problem.

 These are products that millionths of people buy only once and in the meantime those companies continue to make a lot of money deceiving more and more people.

 First, we could say that in order to lose weight and maintain good health as time goes by it is necessary to be convinced that it will not happen overnight, that it will take time as is the case with anything that is worthwhile.

 Second, it is necessary to make an effort, physically as well as mentally, in order to keep up the food plan that we have devised.

 Third, we must constantly learn about the subject of nutrition, and ultimately, find an orderly way to follow this plan for life.

 This is the road which is definitely not easy, but it is the sure road to a better quality of life for ourselves as well as our loved ones.

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