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 Eating compulsively is the most common disorder. The majority of people with this disorder present obesity, but people with normal weight also suffer it. This disease was recognized officially in 1992.

 It appears more frequently in women than in men with a ratio of 2 to 1 and it appears in young women and men. Its characteristic is the classic yo-yo syndrome.

 To eat compulsively is characterized by a great quantity of food intake and the loss of control of what one eats. Another characteristic is the obsession of food and beginning diets that are easily broken within a short period.

 They feel guilty for not being able to control food intake and get very obsessed by their weight.

 To eat compulsively differs from bulimia, since in this malady vomiting is not induced, laxatives or diuretics are not taken.

 Many of us at some time or another have been glottons, this is not to say that we should be compulsive eaters, in order to ensure that a person is a compulsive eater has to find they should check for symptoms such as:

Frequent episodes of gluttonies of food

Not to be able to control the quantity of food one eats

To eat very fast

To keep eating even if one feels full

To eat even though one is not hungry

To eat alone

To feel guilty and depressed after a heavy meal


 The reason of the compulsive eater even now is not known but more than 50 % of these patients presents a history of depression.

 In past research in the field of neurotransmitters there have been demonstrations of some changes in compulsive eaters, but these studies even are still in their beginning stages.


 The complications in compulsive eaters are the following:

Gastrointestinal problems

Gall bladder disorders

Arterial Hypertension



Cardiovascular Diseases

Articulate Diseases



 If the person tries to put on to diet, the results will not be very good since one gain weight easily again, the suggestion is that work must be first done with perseverance in the psychological part and when we have more control on it then try to begin a feeding plan.


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