Anorexia, Bulimia and Orthorexia

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 All these attitudes cause the patient malnutrition and dehydration. The basal metabolism is diminished consequently causing a decrease of the corporal temperature, the arterial pressure, the heart frequency and dependence on the use of laxatives or diuretics or vomiting which causes other types of metabolic and glandular alterations such as the disappearance of the menstruation period.


 Due to vomiting and the loss of gastric acid, they present a drop in potassium, cramps, fatigue, alterations in cardiac frequency. They also present an increase in the parotid glands, submaxillar and subjaw, knows as "squirrel face" so that they look chubby-faced. Dental erosion in the enamel and esophagitis appear.


 We come to the most complicated and important treatment of this problem.

 The suitable treatment is to combine the medical, nutritional, psychological treatments and physical therapy treatments(easy, right?).

 Regarding the medical treatment it will be focussed depending upon the degree of damage that the patient may present, together with the interaction of the doctor and the endocrinologist.

 Regarding to the nutritional treatment it will be progressive and trying to fill little by little the basic requirements of patient without letting her/him believe that this nutritional system is for "fattening" on the contrary it will energy her/him to go out more rapid of his current process.

 Regarding psychological treatment, this is the angular stone in order that everything prescribed in the above lines is possible to lead to end.

 There are many existent psychological proposals, such as the psychoanalytical, that appeals to infantile experiences and are later worked out with the patient. Others prefer to be centered in the feelings relative to the food and personality. Others still prefer to go into family or individual therapy.

 All this will depend upon the process of the patient and the disease, and most importantly, the DISPOSITION of the patient and her relatives.


It seems very simple in theory but in the practice it is very complicated, when trying to lead it to the end will give us the major of the satisfactions of a parent, that is to provide the elements in order to achieve the physical and mental health of our children.

Learn to recognize and to express the feelings.

Learn to identify our own needs and to satisfy them without harming third ones.

Learn to accept that nobody is perfect and that we all do mistakes.

To learn to express without fear our affection and our acceptance to the children.

To know how to listen and to try to understand the message of our children.

To be alert to the attitudes and our children's behavior and in the event of detecting some change, to proceed with caution and trust toward them, to detect the origin of the same one.

Refrain from ridiculing or making jokes about the form of dressing, or the figure or the weight of other people.

To encourage family meals,to together promote family interaction, dedicating sufficient time in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

To settle make a schedule for meals, not to classify the food as good or bad, nourishing or scrap.


 We recommend that if you start seeing some of the attitudes mentioned in this text in one of your children, proceed especially warily to warn the adolescent, many of these attitudes are "normal" but the combination of same and the intensity with which they appear must alert us. The diagnosis and the treatment should be realized by one or several professionals in this field doing it yourself is not desirable.


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