Anorexia, Bulimia and Orthorexia

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 This malady does not appear overnight and some attitudes that seem to be very healthy, like starting taking care of their nourishment, to do exercise, to drink more liquids, become more and more exaggerated every day, leading to physical and mental deterioration.

 They start eliminating fat foods such as fritters, refreshments, desserts, sweets and initiate a program of physical activity,drinking more water. They begin to take an excessive interest in knowing the nutritional and energetic value of everything they eat or drink.

 As time goes by they start eliminating products such as eggs, meat, chickens, fish and decide to become vegetarians. Eventually they stop eating with family or friends and they start hiding food. If there is a pet in the their house, it will start gaining weight from everything fed it furtively.

 Later they decide to stop consumption of cheese or yogurts and consuming only low fat everything and continue thusly until their nourishment consists only of water, wholewheat cereal, lettuce, tomato, jicama, cucumber, carrot and grapefruit together with 4 to 5 hours of exercise a day. They start collecting of low calorie recipes for their use and for their friends.


 BULIMIA (means "hunger of ox"): It is the quick ingestion of a great quantity of food in a short period of time, followed by the deliberate vomit, and/or an indiscriminate use of diuretics and/or laxatives and/or excessive exercise with the purpose of annulling the effect of the foods consumed.
It is characterized by episodes of food gluttony and afterwards vomiting or using laxatives or diuretics in quantities of up to 20 pills during the day.

 This type of episode can last up to 72 hours. These gluttonies generally appear alone and they buy great quantity of food which must be easy to swallow and have a high caloric content of up to 6,000, the gluttony stops when stomach discomfort appears or an acquaintance or stranger appears at that moment.



 These are young women in puberty of average or superior intelligence, obedient, calm, with a low self-esteem that wanting always to please and help family members.

 As the disease advances they start giving up their friends, school mates, stop worrying about their sexuality and a rejection to menstruation appears, they see it as a punishment that should hide, they are not interested in having relationships and they become very limited in their affective replies, becoming extremely rigid and subjective, they start denying their hunger, and their excessive weight loss and the distortion of their corporal image, in other words they have an intense fear of be coming mature and having to separate from their parents.

 This type of personality increases malnutrition into which the patient has fallen, making her react with great irritability and low concentration.

 They start daydreaming about their corporal image and at all times in spite of being almost skeletal, they consider the selves obese, with immense cheeks, with giant bosom, deformed, enormous gluteous and a bulky abdomen, and which produces great depression and worry in them.


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