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 The true road towards weight loss starts in our minds.

 Have you already wondered why you want to lose weight?


Is this something that you want to do or something that you have to do?

Many people have a need to lose weight upon medical prescription.

A lot of people have to lose weight because her relatives nag him.

Many people have to lose weight because others create the need.

Nobody likes to be told that they must do and from this moment on the situation becomes more difficult.

That is the moment that we must modify out thoughts, and also our attitude and say to ourselves "I am going to lose weight because I want to ensure a future life physically and emotionally healthy".

 Reaching this goal successfully and maintaining it, is not easy. It is not only a matter of dieting, doing exercise, refraining from eating fats, and drinking more water. This is only achieved by motivation.

 Where is this motivation found? In yourself and your change in attitude. Close your eyes and let your imagination wander: Imagine how you would look with that many pounds less; imagine how the wardrobe hanging because you no longer fit into it; imagine putting on a new garment daily; imagine how you are going to look in your next family photos.

 If you think that weighing yourself daily is motivating, you are very much mistaken; this is completely false because your body weight changes daily due to many reasons.

 One of the reasons is the hour in which you weigh yourself. If you weigh yourself in the morning you will weigh much less than you would in the afternoon. If you took a good sauna bath and then you weigh yourself you will find that you weigh much less. If you are constipated you will realize that you weigh much more. If you had a saltier meal the night before you will find that weigh much more. If you have your menstrual period you will have also that you weigh much more.

 Do not worry yourself and do not worry about your weight. Instead, notice that your clothing is much looser and you feel much more agile and are less tired and notice that you can reach your goal and the only thing that was missing was your decision.

 If you continue changing your eating habits, doing exercise and drinking more water, you will notice in a very short time that you will not have to close your eyes and that everything in the foregoing pages has become reality.

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