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 Because these famous diets have NOT yet been proven all their theories scientifically, we always run into people who strongly support the belief in some of these experiments and especially when they have seen results. We will always also encounter those who seriously attack these methods due to the fact that they lack scientific basis.

 Even so, the majority of medical specialists and true experts in human nutrition cautiously contemplate and act with absolute professionalism as to the diets and prefer to follow the traditional nutrition pyramid, a decrease in calories, a change in attitude an increasing physical exercise.

 However, clearly adopting this theory will never place them on a TV program with the impact achieved by the non expert sensationalists.


 Each individual is unique, genetically, psychologically and physically which is why has countless differences with others.

 Each individual will require individual attention and an adequate nutrition plan.

 Have you ever imagined a person with a background of cardiovascular problems or high cholesterol levels and/or triglycerides doing "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution"? On this "revolutionary diet" only fats and proteins and hardly any carbohydrates are consumed. Ask your cardiologist and listen to everything he will tell you if he doesn't ask you to kindly leave his office first.

 Another example is, if you were on one of these "famous book diets" and due to an emotional situation you were to comedown with colitis (an inflammation of the colon) and in spite of this you continue the book diet which prescribe a great amount of raw, lactose and irritant food, the only thing you would accomplish is the increase in the process of the colon inflammation which would ultimately send you to call your doctor.

 Another example: if you are in the habit of carrying a daily moderate exercise routine and decide to go on one of these book diets low in calories and mineral salts, potassium, eventually you would certainly encounter a metabolic and electrolytic decay with a consequence of excessive tiredness, fainting sensation and cramps which could endanger your life.

 And thus we could go on for hours with one example after another.

 Do NOT put your life in danger, reading represents culture and should serve to learn what is good and what is bad, what serves the purpose and what doesn't. But books and magazines regarding diets cannot help in finding the same diet program for everybody.


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