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 Are fowl, fish, red and white meat, eggs, milk and its byproducts such as sausage, cheese and yogur.

 Are proteins which supply energy, vitamins and minerals. Proteins from animal sources are high quality foods because they are whole proteins which the organism assimilates better.

 Besides, the foods originating from animals are a very good source of calcium, iron, phosphorus, complex B vitamins and specially vitamin B12 and zinc.

 Proteins are indispensable for muscle growth and development, calcium is necessary for adequate growth of the bones and strong teeth.

 Iron is necessary in the formation of blood although women, particularly during the menstrual period need to adequately consume iron in order to prevent anemia.

 The iron in meat is most highly absorbed than the iron in vegetable foods.

 Zinc is also important for growth.

 Vitamin B12 is only found in animal products specially in liver, kidney, red meats, eggs, fish, milk and cheese and is fundamental in the formation of tissues, growth and development of the neurons.

 Nevertheless, animal foods should not be the only source of protein, since these contain high fat and cholesterol which even if they are of great importance to the organism, excessive consumption of same should be avoided as it could cause obesity and many important diseases.

 It is advisable to moderate the consumption of fats of both animal origin (cream, butter and lard) and vegetable (margarine and oils) as well as fats derived from same such as mayonnaise.

 Each of these groups play a specific role in your health; intake of more than one or insufficient intake of another is not good.

 Try to combine them and you will find yourself to be a healthy person with a better quality of life, present and future.

 Although this subject should not really be treated at this point, let us remind you that regular exercise is very important for people of all ages.

 Besides helping to control weight, it keeps the muscles including the heart and other corporal tissues in good order.

 Exercise also helps to do away with fatigue through the increase of physical capacity and favors the dissipation of the tension caused by stress.

 Make it a habit to exercise regularly for 25 to 30 minutes from 3 to 5 times a week. The nature of your exercises should be decided by you; they are all good for your health.


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