Effects caused by obesity

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Social discrimination

Work discrimination

School discrimination


 The most important effects are definitely those with social implications, inasmuch as in today's society an obese person is not easily acceptable and especially if it is in regard to a woman.

 In the workplace, bosses do not generally wish to have obese people around especially where office, reception, sales, etc. etc are concerned, since they claimed that the immediate image perceived by the customer is that of the corporation, sometimes they are not even interested in the working skills or virtues of the employees but rather the physical appearance of same.

 This is especially so in what happens at a scholarly level, since, as we are aware, children do not keep anything to themselves and it is always the obese child that is discriminated against; he is not allowed to play with the rest of the children and is always the object of mocking and segregation. This causes many complexes amongst these children which eventually will need professional help in order to resolve all the problems outlined above.

 All of this leads to eventual isolation, separation from the surrounding people, avoiding the company of others and taking out all of these feelings by constant eating which causes more and more serious problems.



Eventrations (Ventral hernias)

Higher risk of accidents

 Due to the obesity problem, hernias and eventrations are very frequent because the muscular walls are unable to handle all this overweight and its debilitation causes the formation of herniary bags which are localized in various places and which will require surgery which due to the same obesity problem, the percentage of recurrence is very high.

 Obese patients are at much higher risk of suffering accidents because they lose their center of gravity much more easily and besides can not perceive alterations in the ground or the height of steps or they might even break a chair that is not in very good condition or can fall while turning around on a hospital bed, and we could go on and on.


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