Effects caused by obesity

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Alteration in the ovulation


Inefficient sexual relations

High risk during the pregnancy

 Due to the problem of OBESITY, important alterations are produced in the hormones. In women the above alterations mentioned cause that the levels of estrogens are altered so much as those of progesterone and alter the process of ovulation. For the same reason the infertility appears (not to be able to conceive).

 For the excess of fat in the OBESITY, sexual intercourse is inefficient and cannot be carried out in a habitual way and most of the times don't become this relationship in a satisfactory way.

 The OBESITY is one of the factors that complicate the evolution of the pregnancy with more frequency. The woman that begins their pregnancy with a BMI for up of 25 units is considered with obesity and the growth of the fetus is limited due to a low feeding plan in calories, so that the Mom doesn't gain weight. It has also be seen that the pregnant ones with obesity have babies with more weight when being born that the normal ones (macrosomics).

 Men and women with obesity present bigger risk of developing diabetes and hypertension.



 Due to the excess of fat that is presented in OBESITY and that the breathing is deficient, the oxygenation diminishes and in order to compensate this, the spinal marrow produces more red blood cells (polyglobulia) and the hemoglobin rises (the one that transports oxygen to the whole body) and we find the levels above 18 mg/dl. and in some occasions when the figures are very high it is necessary to practice a bleeding (to extract blood).


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