Effects caused by obesity

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Lack of air

Difficulty when breathing when sleeping

Pulmonary Thrombosis

 Due to the overweight caused by OBESITY, the thorax and the abdomen are more rigid and a bigger force is needed to displace the thoracic muscles for breathing so the person gets easily tired and difficulty in breathing, even though in short displacements, for what has to frequently interrupt the march and rest.

 When the lung is more rigid for the mentioned previously, an increase of the lung sanguine volume takes place and small communications are formed in those zones of the lungs where can be formed accumulations of the elements of the blood and small thrombi present, unleashing a pulmonary thrombosis.


Before surgery

During the anesthesia

During the surgery

After surgery

 In the patient who has OBESITY, a great variety of problems are presented from the period before surgery since there is great difficulty to canalize the veins to administer the solutions and the medicines.

 During the anesthesia, problems appear from the intubation (placement of a pipe in the trachea for best ventilation). Equally the anesthesia by spinal route is more difficult to apply (spinal anesthesia). The dose of anesthetic medications is very variable and it is very difficult to maintain an appropriate hydration.

 During the surgery, the increase of fat in the fatty tissue, hinders the so much maneuvers of opening up as of closing the surgical incision and the control of the bleeding vessels is also hindered (hemostasia).

 In the post surgery, the mortality is increased in the patients that suffers OBESITY, by a decrease of the concentration of oxygen in the arteries. There appear frequently pneumonias (pulmonary infection), infections in the surgical wound and also is associated to venous thromboembolism (inflammation of the veins) of low members.


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