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 Generally in OBESITY, levels of fat circulating in the blood are high (lipids) and can be divided in:

mixed Hyperlipidemia

 The hypercholesterolaemia, which is an abnormality of lipids and appears when the levels of cholesterol in blood are overhead of 200 mg/dl.

 The hypertriglyceridemia is another abnormality of lipids and appears when the levels of triglycerides in the blood are overhead of 150 mg/dl.

 The lipoproteins are a part of the lipids that are combined with proteins and are divided generally in high density lipoproteins (HDL) and low density lipoproteins (LDL) that are the most important for the prediction of arteriosclerosis of the coronary arteries (heart). Equally, there exist the intermediate lipoproteins (IDL) and the lipoproteins of very low density (VLDL), which do not have so many influence in the forecast of coronary disease.

 In obesity you can find more commonly the mixed hyperlipidemia, in which they can find high levels of several of the lipids mentioned in the previous paragraph and others can be in normal limits.

 When the levels of uric acid in the blood rise overhead of 8 mg/dl, the kidney is incapable to eliminate it in its entirety, and there started forming crystals of the same one that are accumulated (tophus) and settle in the joints. Generally they appear in the big toe, but also they can appear in other joints and this entity is known as Gout.


Impede for mobilization

Muscular hypotrophy

Arthritis of low members

Arthritis of vertebral column

Hernia of inter-vertebral disc

 Due to overweight in OBESITY, every time movement is more difficult, is more difficult to move across, upstairs and downstairs. The muscles that support and mobilize our body are known as skeletal muscles, they are weakening and their volume diminishing presenting muscular hypotrophy.

 The same problem of overweight caused by the OBESITY spoils the joints and diminishes mobility and for the same thing diminishes the traffic of the liquid synovial and diminishes their nourishment contribution, causing arthritis in the lowest members of the vertebral column, being able to present easily an inter-vertebral disc hernia.


Lost of auto esteem


 One of the factors that are more important and that increase the problem of OBESITY, is the loss of the self-esteem, which every time is more intense and as consequence falls down in depression that lowers even more the esteem and makes us fall down in a deeper depression and some persons try to compensate the above mentioned situation using the food as an inducement for their problem creating a vicious circle.



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