Effects caused by obesity

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Urinary incontinence

Kidney stones

Menstruation alterations

Prostate cancer

Benevolent and malignant lesions in the uterus

Benevolent and malignant lesions in the breast

 The function of the bladder which because of its elasticity serves to accumulate a large amount of urine and due to obesity problems the bladder becomes compressed and therefore insufficient to retain the urine, thus presenting urinary incontinence.

 Due to the excess of food represented in obesity the kidney becomes insufficient to eliminate metabolic wastes and continuously accumulates thus creating kidney stones. Due to the obesity problem important alterations are produced in both male and female hormones.

 In the female, such alterations can alter the process of ovulation and therefore causing menstruation alterations. Also due to obesity the ovaries are surrounded by fat and do not allow ovulation. As can be observed, there are 2 mechanisms due to which menstrual alterations may occur because of obesity.

 In the male because of the above reasons prostate cancer can occur.

 In the female lesions in the uterus can be caused by obesity which can be either benevolent or malignant. The same thing happens in the breast and due to the excess of fat, it is not possible to detect in the exploration of same any alteration, which did it not exist the obesity might be detected at an earlier time avoiding major problems to take place.



Resistance to insulin



Mixed Hyperlipidemia


 One of the most serious illnesses with the most impact on health and quality of life is diabetes (high levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood). This illness is sometimes detected when the symptoms have already appeared in the form of continuos nocturnal urinating, polydipsia (constant intake of water), polyphagia (overeating) and weight loss. These symptoms generally show up between 8 and 10 years after having had levels of circulating glucose in the blood over normal levels (>111 mg/dl. Before breakfast).

 Obesity causes resistance to insulin bringing on an increase in insulin production in order to compensate the excess of circulating glucose in the blood and said production which is insufficient causing a deterioration in the beta cells in the pancreas which produces insulin.

 It is also important to be aware of the fact that obesity with a high BMI as well as the waist/hip ratio over 0.80, and a sedentary life cause diabetes to take place.

 Generally speaking the levels of circulating fat (lipids) in the blood are high in obesity and are divided into:



Mixed Hyperlipidemia


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