Effects caused by obesity

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Cerebral vascular accident

 Due to the excess of fat in the body caused by obesity, fat is deposited into the cerebral arteries and the flow of blood becomes narrower each time. Therefore these blood vessels becomes so narrow that the diameter could easily clog said blood vessel causing a vascular cerebral accident.



Stretch marks

Skin pigmentation


Profuse perspiration


Fungus infections

 The accumulation of fat in obese persons occurs in the subcutaneous tissue where it becomes deposited. The skin is composed by elastin, which provides a certain capacity for its elasticity and to make room for this excess fat. But it reaches a limit, which causes this tissue to break and thereby forms stretch marks which, depending on the degree of obesity and genetics of each individual, the distribution and intensity differ.

 In the same manner, when the skin breaks it starts to pigment these zones because the melanin uses it as a means to defending the breaking of the skin.

 During the process of obesity, there is also a change in the endocrine system, both in the central glands as in the sweat and fatty glands of the skin, resulting in greater hair growth in different regions of the body, aka hirsutism. Perspiration also increases, and due to obesity furuncles appear in the chafing zones and in the folds between the skin infections, caused by fungus, start to appear.



Esophagus reflux


Vesicular Lithiasis

Fat liver


Cancer of colon


 In obesity there is an exaggerated consumption of food, regardless of type, quality, texture or amount of same which accounts for the inflammation of the stomach mucous, which causes gastritis and due to the large amount of food the esophagus-gastric angle weakens and allows the acid of the stomach to revert to the esophagus, thereby provoking an esophagus reflux.

 Because of all these food excesses, the bile vesicle becomes insufficient and it starts to accumulate the bile in its interior and with the passing of time a vesicular lithiasis appears.

 Due to the presence of excess fat in obesity, the liver is unable to metabolize all the fat and thereby begins to accumulate in the liver cells, causing the well known liver fat.

 Due to the above, there is also a risk of inflammation of the mucous of the thick intestine, better known as colitis, which can cause cancer of the colon.

 Due to the excess of food intake in the digestive apparatus the veins found in the bottom of the colon can become inflamed and cause hemorrhoids which could bleed or thrombosize, requiring an emergency surgical intervention.



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