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 Indubitably all our surroundings greatly influence obesity. All social environment gathers around food and drink.

 Food itself has become a "prize" to the behavior.

 Food has become the "ideal closure" to a successful business transaction.

 All religions have a background of the type of food that should be consumed (fasting, kosher, liquids with a full moon, etc).

 And so could we continue with several examples.


 Sedentary lifestyle is one of the principal causes for obesity.

 And it has been proven that physical activity is one of the greatest factors of the use of body energy.

 The increase in physical activity allows the intake of more calories and achieves a more favorable caloric balance of the body to avoid obesity.


Obesity originating in the hypothalamus.

Cushing Illness (high levels of cortisol).

Hypothyroidism (low levels of thyroids).

Policystic ovary syndrome.

Growth hormone deficiency.


 Tricyclic anti depressives have shown an increase in fat and an important weight gain, thus presenting an obesity condition.

 Long corticoid treatments have shown an increase in fat and in weight also presenting obesity.


 Intake of more calories than our bodies require definitely cause the caloric balance to accumulate and for every 7,500 calories that our body accumulates the weight gain is 1 KG which leads to obesity.


 It has been proven that in the majority of obesity cases we will find an origin of many factors which lead us to a more complicated treatment than one would believe.

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