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 The human body requires fuel in order to undertake all your activities and conserve your temperature. Said fuel is supplied by calories.

 One CALORIE is the measure for heat and physically consists of the amount of heat necessary to increase in one grade centigrade a gram of water.

 One kilocalorie (Kcal) is the amount of heat necessary for increasing one kilogram of water into one grade centigrade and is equal to 4.184 kilojoules (which is the international amount for measuring energy).

Carbohydrates  proportioning  4 Kcal  for gram
Proteins proportioning  4 Kcal for gram
Fat proportioning  9 Kcal  for gram

 Our body uses energy for every breath, for every heartbeat, for every blink of the eyes, for the movements of the body, and this is known as basal metabolism.

 Besides, energy is required to decompose nutrients and be used by our body and this is known as dynamic-specific action of the nutrients.

 And when a certain physical activity is engaged in on a routine basis, the utmost energy is required in order to do it and this is known as additional energy.

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