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Once consciousness is awakened, it never goes away. Carlyle

The goal we have set for ourselves in Obesidad.Net is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of all, thus awakening your consciousness with respect to our visitors, health and that of our loved ones, by transmitting our experience in the subjects of Nutrition and Obesity with the aid of Internet technology.

 Obesidad.Net is the creation of two companies: one is technological and the other medical, each one contributing with their particular knowledge and experience. By joining resources and strengths, our site has achieved one of the first places in several countries in this gender.

 We all know that the world is filled with false information and products which supposedly help to maintain a healthy weight without the slightest effort. However, we are aware of the fact that there is no such thing as an easy way.

Our concept, which has greatly increased in almost three years of continuous efforts, has surpassed our resources, which is the reason we have decided to redesign its structure and include publicity spaces which have been requested and suggested, in order to enable us to continue, thereby recuperating the invested resources.

 We have been very careful in editing the information which has been selected and analyzed prior to placing it online. It is thanks to this that we have gained the confidence and credibility of hundreds of thousands of visitors.

 Our philosophy is to educate both children and parents, teaching them to eat healthfully, in order to help them reach a healthy quality of life.

 The important thing is not to live long, but rather to live a good life. Publio Siro

 Only a small part of the population is aware of the fact that obesity is directly related to the majority of illnesses, as can be seen in the following pages.

 By learning to eat in a nutritious and balanced manner, our loved ones will be able to prevent and/or diminish continued faulty nutrition, thereby improving the quality of their lives.

 Health is not something you pay attention to only when it fails in order to cure it; it is infinitely better to prevent than to remedy. Nothing is truer than this.

 Obesidad.Net, for a better quality of life.

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